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Eskom chair Jabu Mabuza forced to resign to save Gordhan?

Jabu Mabuza. Image credit: Moneyweb

By BO Staff Writer

The chairman of Eskom, Jabu Mabuza, resigned from his position on Friday in a dramatic way. The day was full of confusion and counter accusations following the revelation that Ramaphosa was lied to by both Pravin Gordhan and the Eskom board about loadsheding. Ramaphosa was forced to retreat from the public all day long and only surfaced in the evening to report that Mabuza has resigned.

Sources claim that the day was filled with great activities aimed at saving Gordhan. This task was not made easy by a groundswell of calls for Gordhan to be released from his ministerial position. The Pravin Must Go calls span from Black First Land First (BLF) to Cosatu to some civil society organizations.

Faced with the pressure to sack Gordhan, who is the darling of white monopoly capital (WMC), Ramaphosa was adviced that Mabuza must take the fall to save Gordhan. Mabuza was consequently persuaded to fall on his sword for his boss.

The WMC media is working on automatic spin to protect Gordhan. The strategy is to deflect attention from Gordhan so that his hold over Eskom is not shaken. It is believed that industry trusts Gordhan to realise the privatization agenda. That’s why he is protected.

Jabu Mabuza is a scapegoat to protect Pravin Gordhan!