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Ramaphosa unwittingly reveals why Eskom is being destroyed

Image credit: SABC

Ramaphosa has unwittingly exposed why there has been a systematic destruction of Eskom after the very successful tenure of Brian Molefe, Mashela Koko and Dr Ben Ngubane. Under the leadership of this super trio, loadsheding ended and Eskom was showing a profit.

Since Ramaphosa has taken over as president of the country, Eskom has been plunged into a deep crisis. Many have argued that the crisis at Eskom, including loadshedding, is a strategy to justify privatization. Pravin Gordhan was identified as the kingpin behind the destruction of Eskom. This week saw a groundswell of voices calling for Gordhan to step down.

Ramaphosa has denied that there are plans to privatize Eskom. This denial is not surprising given that the key CR17 strategist, Stephen Koseff, has instructed Ramaphosa to never use the word privatization but to instead do it under a different name.

Now the cat is out of the bag. While addressing the 2020 Business Unity South Africa‘s (BUSA’s) so called ‘Business Economic Indaba’ at the Sandton Convention Centre on Tuesday, Ramaphosa unwittingly revealed why Eskom is being systematically destroyed – it’s about making white monopoly capital (WMC) the energy supplier. This is privatization.

“[F]or the first time we are now saying that let us have self generation. As we move forward, we are beginning to address all those policy issues that have introduced uncertainty and inconsistency,” Ramaphosa told this gathering of anti Zuma capitalists.

Moreover, “[w]e now opened up a new era in the history of our energy resource generation, if you like, that says we now are embracing the fact that there are those companies, even families or households, that want to generate their own energy”, he elaborated.