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Honoring Patrice Lumumba

Image credit: This Is Africa

By BO Staff Writer

“African unity and solidarity are no longer dreams. They must be expressed in decisions” – Patrice Lumumba

Full honors to Patrice Lumumba who was assassinated by U.S. and Belgium backed counter-revolutionary forces on January 17, 1961.

Lumumba led the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to attaining independence on June 30, 1960. This was after over 50 years of colonization by Belgium. We are deeply inspired by Lumumba’s revolutionary legacy of black unity and anti imperialism.

Black First Land First (BLF) President Andile Mngxitama paid tribute to the late Pan Afrikanist leader on social media. More specifically he reflected on a similar pattern of conduct (to that elaborated above) displayed by counter revolutionary elements within South African politics.

“Lumumba! We remember how white power used the black hand to murder the dreams of our people in the DRC. It’s happening right now in South Africa (SA) too. Blacks are calling the Democratic Alliance (DA), being the party of white racism, the better devil and marching hand in hand with it to destroy those that white power has decided are a problem. That’s how Jacob Zuma was removed from power and Black First Land First (BLF) was banned from participating in the electoral process. We must never forget”, Mngxitama said.

Long Live Patrice Lumumba!