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The “Coloreds liberated” the Joburg Metro?

Gayton McKenzie. Image credit: Tracy Lee Stark

By BO Staff Writer

One of the most embarrassing defeats of the African National Congress (ANC) was the loss of the strategic Metropolitan City of Joburg (COJ) to the racist Democratic Alliance (DA).

So, how did the ANC regain the city? New information suggests that it was the “Colored cabal”, led by Gayton McKenzie, which outwitted both the DA and Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to “liberate” the city from Helen Zille.

The loss of the COJ by the ANC was engineered from London in 2015. Lord Robin Renwick had used the COJ as a test case for the project of 2019. The idea was that if the Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma (NDZ) slate won in the ANC’s Nasrec conference of December 2017, then power could be retained by using the same coalition method tested in the COJ. The EFF had shown itself to be a reliable ally of London after meeting Renwick.

The ANC didn’t have the numbers even with all the small parties voting for it. The EFF was the kingmaker and it made impossible arrogant demands which would allow it to continue its control over the COJ tenders. The ANC was in a corner. The vote was expected to go to the second round after a tie. If all the DA councilors voted for the DA, then it would have been a tie.

Sources say that McKenzie had been working behind the scenes with his Coloured brothers in the DA. He advanced a huge moral case for Coloured unity to defeat white arrogance and to liberate the COJ from Helen Zille. The DA’s Colored councilors had raised their objections to giving power to the same ANC which has neglected their communities. It was not an easy process. In the end McKenzie’s plan had prevailed.

Apparently what turned the Coloured councilors was the argument that the ANC can be engaged whereas the DA doesn’t even listen.

The EFF demanded that the ANC removes Geoff Makhubo as their mayoral candidate stating the he will dribble them because he knows the council rules better than anyone. The DA councilors who voted with the ANC were seen twice at Gayton McKenzie‘s restaurants. So for the first time in a long time, Coloreds united to defeat white racism.

The EFF‘s strategy was to force the voting to go to the second round where it would have been the kingmaker, but McKenzie’s Patriotic Alliance (PA) made sure that it didn’t go there. Floyd Shivambu was literally stunned when the ANC returned with a majority in the first round, thanks to McKenzie.

Gayton McKenzie says that Coloureds must also benefit and taking them for a ride must stop now. The question remains: will the ANC listen to and serve all the excluded people in the COJ.

McKenzie refused to comment on this report.