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Pravin thanks Jabu Mabuza with R11 billion tender

Jabu Mabuza and Pravin Gordhan. Image credit: Freddy Mavunda

By BO Staff Writer

It would appear that Jabu Mabuza, who resigned to save the skin of Pravin Gordhan for lying about loadshedding, has already been nicely set up. Mabuza’s cousin, Nomvula Mabuza, who is already swimming in a R100 million contract from Eskom, is now destined to benefit from a R11 billion tender.

Jabu Mabuza seems to have been one of the biggest beneficiaries of the CR17 victory and consolidation of state capture by white monopoly capital (WMC). He was not only appointed chairman of Eskom under suspicious conditions, he was also appointed the CEO of the same entity in the most brazen conflict of interest situation ever seen in corporate governance. Clearly this was part of the institutionalization of corruption.

The more disturbing feature of this looting of Eskom is the association of Jabu Mabuza with Johann Rupert. It must be remembered that Johann Rupert has publicly stated that he is Mabuza’s handler. Rupert indicated that through Mabuza, he has a private army in the taxi industry. Incidentally, the same Rupert just made a cool R11 billion in one year after Ramaphosa took over as President of the country. Moreover, the Oppenheimers made R6 billion in the same time.

From the look of things it’s the season for looting by the ThumaMina faction. Jabu Mabuza is being thanked for helping to run down Eskom to justify privatization, amongst other things.. Under Pravin Gordhan state owned entities (SOEs) are used for personal and business gain of the Stellenbosch linked group.