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FBI Condemned for Twitter Shoutout to Martin Luther King Jr

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By BO Staff Writer

The FBI tweeted a dedication to ostensibly honor the memory of Martin Luther King Jr (MLK) on Monday. The tweet was shared by Richard “RJ” Eskow (radio host and writer) together with his take on the message.

“FBI, translated: Of all the people we have wiretapped, blackmailed, and tried to drive to their deaths through suicide, there are none we think more highly of than Dr. King,” he tweeted.

During the tenures of both Obama and Trump the FBI has been posting “shoutouts” annually on social media to MLK “lamenting” their past persecution of him. This Monday they did the same.

Many critics expressed their anger and shock and denounced the FBI’s message.

Black First Land First (BLF) President, Andile Mngxitama, strongly responded to the tweet on social media.

“The FBI yesterday issued a tweet in memory of Martin Luther King Jr. Can you believe the enemy though? MLK was harassed, threatened, blackmailed and arrested over 30 times by the FBI. How can the same FBI today present itself as a friend of MLK? This proves the saying that if the enemy wins, even the dead are not safe”, he said.

Journalist David Corn asked, “[h]as the FBI ever apologized to King’s family for wiretapping King, blackmailing him, and trying to get him to commit suicide?”

“We must claim and defend the entire black resistance history. MLK is ours. The FBI has no business pretending it ever loved him. The enemy is vicious. They murder you and then praise you. Beware”, Mngxitama expounded on his earlier message.

Some posted the 1964 letter (unsigned) that the FBI, led by J. Edgar Hoover at that time, sent to MLK to threaten him with exposing evidence of his “extramarital affairs“ to get him to commit suicide.

William Sullivan (the FBI’s domestic intelligence chief) had reportedly sent a “package of the King sex tapes prepared by the FBI’s lab technicians,” together with the said letter to MLK’s home. King’s wife allegedly opened the letter. The FBI’s letter to MLK can be read via the link, https://t.co/YxFxHaExEZ