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Mngxitama calls for public debate on state capture

By BO Staff Writer

Talking about debates with Andile Mngxitama, the President of Black First Land First (BLF), there seems to be a reluctance on the part of white monopoly capital (WMC) agents to debate him for fear of being exposed as weak, intellectually. Take Malema for instance, he has no difficulty engaging land thieves like Johann Rupert, and Lord Robin Renwick and even Helen Zille but it’s a problem for him to debate Mngxitama.

Mngxitama has today made a call for a public debate on “state capture”. He links the subject of the debate to a determination on the relationship between Zuma/Gupta and WMC/Ramaphosa. Is there a moral equivalence or an antagonism in the relationship between the two,? That is the underlying question.

Taking to social media earlier today Mngxitama said:

“Lets debate “state capture”. I’m prepared to have a public debate with anyone who claims that there is a moral equivalence between the Guptas/Zuma and WMC/Ramaphosa phenomena. This equivalence is false and de facto in defence of WMC. No more fence sitting… I argue that there are no Marxists, Black Consciousness adherents or Pan Afrikanists, worthy of their salt, who can even try to equate the Guptas with WMC. Lets do theory and stop mumbling…”

Towards a previous #JujuVsMngxitama challenge, Mngxitama vowed to expose how the parliamentary motion on land expropriation without compensation is a political deception cooked in London to stunt land redistribution. Malema ran away from that debate evidently because of the strength of Mngxitama’s argument which was already a matter of public knowledge.

“Do not debate Andile Mngxitama” has long been added as EFF’s 8th cardinal pillar when Malema took to Twitter and instructed his party never to debate Mngxitama. In the meantime the EFF leadership have been instructed to insult the BLF President on social media.

Even Malema’s Deputy, Floyd Shivambu, had withdrawn at the last minute from a land debate at the University of South Africa (Unisa) in May 2018 for fear of being defeated by Mngxitama, who apparently was lauded for his interventions at the event.