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”DA & EFF rendered irrelevant by Cyril’s victory in Nasrec“, says Mngxitama

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By BO Staff Writer

The book “Coalition Country: South Africa After the ANC“ by Leon Schreiber was published before the 2019 general election in two editions being on 19 March 2018, and 2 April 2018.

It suggests that the African National Congress (ANC), now ruling South Africa (SA) for over 20 years, is loosing its once firm grip on power; in the period leading up to the 2019 general election there were no guarantees that the ANC will hold on to power; and that should the support of the ANC drop to under 50% in the May 2019 elections, a coalition government will become a reality.

Black First Land First (BLF) President, Andile Mngxitama, gave his appraisal of the predicted future suggested in Schreiber’s book.

“Project 2019 was based on the assumption that: CR17 will lose in the ANC Nasrec conference; they will consequently do a “COPE” (leave the ANC) with an estimated +15% of the vote; and with the DA’s vote estimated at 30% and EFF’s at 10%, the three would have formed a new dawn government of London and Stellenbosch. But with the victory of Cyril in the Nasrec conference on the back of a R1 billion slush fund, the objective of forming a new dawn government was still realized without the DA and EFF. In fact the DA and EFF were rendered irrelevant with Cyril’s victory. London and Stellenbosch got their new dawn government via Cyril”, Mngxitama said.