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Zimbabwe unbans poisonous GMO corn imports

Zimbabwe lifts ban on GMO maize imports. Image credit: New Zimbabwe

By BO Staff Writer

According to insider sources, a 12 year ban on importing poisonous genetically modified corn has reportedly been uplifted by Zimbabwe to ostensibly address its worst famine.

In this context the country is also experiencing an economic crisis and its most severe drought in 40 years.

GMO corn from South Africa (SA) has reportedly been allowed into Zimbabwe whose staple food sadza, which is made with corn meal, is apparently in short supply. White farmers in SA control the agricultural sector and poison blacks for profits. They have succeeded in genetically modifying the staple food, which is corn and has now taken its produce to Zimbabwe.

With this new development there’s no conceivable reason why the Zimbabwean government will ensure that the national seed stocks are not compromised by the grain.

For health and seed safety reasons under the erstwhile President Robert Mugabe, GMOs were banned in Zimbabwe – even in the face of huge food shortages. Moreover the country wasn’t dependent on multinational companies for seeds. This was possible because unlike in SA, Mugabe and Zanu-PF had resolved the land question in Zimbabwe.

Since Mugabe’s removal from power and his replacement by Emmerson Mnangagwa, most of the revolutionary gains have been reversed. Now Mnangagwa is feeding Zimbabweans GMO corn in the interests of imperialism.

So instead of assisting Zimbabwe to get back on the revolutionary road, SA is unleashing GMOs against the people.

Black First Land First (BLF) President, Andile Mngxitama, condemned the unbanning of GMO corn imports in Zimbabwe:

“Zimbabwe is in a crisis. It must work on both the levels of politics and economics in an intertwined manner and reinstate the gains of the revolution, including the ban on GMOs. SA has a role to play. We must bring financial help to Zimbabwe, while putting it on terms to fix the country politically. Mnangagwa must make peace with Chamisa under an anti imperialist program that puts blacks first”, he retorted

“In the long run, we need economic stability through economic integration. South Africa must show in figures what its contribution to the front-line states is”, he said.

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