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Trump acquitted: U.S. Senate Votes Against Impeachment

President Trump acquitted of all charges in impeachment trial. Image credit: Fox 32 Chicago

By BO Staff Writer

The U.S. Senate voted on Wednesday on the question of whether President Donald Trump should be removed from office. Trump was facing charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. A two-thirds majority vote in the Senate was required for a conviction on each charge.

The Senate, which is Republican-led, acquitted Trump on the first charge of abuse of power which required senators to vote on whether to remove him as President. The Senate voted 52-48 on the first charge; and on the remaining charge of obstruction of Congress it voted 53-47.

The charges were previously approved on December 18, last year
by the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives.

There is no historical precedent in U.S. history for a President being removed through the constitutionally provided impeachment process. Trump remains the U.S. President.

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