By Andile Mngxitama

Black First Land First (BLF) dramatises a Black Consciousness critique of the anti blackness of the South African socio, economic and political reality that was inherited in 1994 and has not changed fundamentally. You can’t fully understand the black positionality in South Africa (SA) today without understanding what BLF is in the eyes of the enemy and black people themselves.

The democratic laws of SA do not recognize black suffering or black existence. Blackness is a threat to the democratic order. Acceptance and protection under the law is possible only by accommodating whiteness. Hence political parties are allowed to exist within the legal framework provided that they do not expressly take a pro black position. BLF deliberately and consciously went against this anti black schema and the white legal and constitutional order was forced to show its anti black essence.

BLF’s reason for existence is to awaken blacks to the state of their unfreedom so that they may know that this country belongs to them but right now we are mere tenants who have lost their land rights.

The banning order against BLF is the clearest statement of how deeply anti black the whole legal, political and constitutional order is. On the other hand the reaction or rather non reaction of sections of the black leadership and its organizations to the banning order imposed on BLF, shows how far we still are in coming to Black self awareness and the awareness of our state of unfreedom.

BLF is the search light that exposes the blinding whiteness of SA. The whole white political and uncivil society knows that only the Black Nationalism of BLF is a real threat to the white order. It explains the energy and money spent on silencing the black movement of black liberation that combines two revolutionary sparks at the same time (Black – Steve Biko; Land – Robert Sobukwe).

If you want to understand the state of blackness, look at the anxiety BLF elicits. The biggest fear is that BLF would be legitimised by participating in formal politics. This explains why they did everything to keep us out of parliament because our job is to end politics (whiteness).

We take solace in the knowledge that the future is BLACK!

To know the state of blackness, see how they treat BLF because in the final analysis BLF is YOU!

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.

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