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SONA today has got nothing to do with the nation

By Andile Mngxitama

Tonight we are not going to have the State of the Nation Address (SONA). It’s going to be the state of the political leadership of black people today in this country. They are all driven completely by self interest, a lack of vision, a lack of principles, and a lack of commitment to our people and unfortunately they are all controlled by the same enemies of black people. Tonight what is going to happen in parliament – you are going to see very clearly a display of this phenomenon of a leadership that lacks vision, that is self interested, that is controlled by the enemy of our people, standing up and basically projecting an image of fighting for our interests when they are not.

On the one hand you will see Julius Malema and his crew – they have threatened to disrupt parliament. Disrupt parliament for what? Disrupt parliament to say Pravin Gordhan must be fired. Remember President Zuma got the NPA to charge Gordhan for what he did at SARS. Then when Gordhan was already going to appear in court, Julius Malema and white monopoly capital (WMC) led a march in defence of Gordhan. Malema said then that Gordhan is the best representative of democracy and Zuma is a criminal.

People say we are obsessing with Malema and the EFF but the point of the matter is that, these people have convinced young people who want change that they represent change when in fact we know that they are driving our youth to the cliff. Actually they are using the desperation and desire for change by these young committed people to prolong the possibility of a revolution – not only that, but also to frustrate the possibility of a revolution because they are there to serve the interests of capital through their addiction to consumption, to brands, and to fancy lifestyles. They are using our young people to basically bargain with capital.

At the very least the EFF needs to bring the nation into their confidence and tell us what has changed. This kind of wish washy, flip flopping, doing one thing today, doing another thing tomorrow – it is just basic disrespect on the part of the EFF to believe that all of us are stupid fools who will do what these guys say must happen. And I don’t know how EFF followers think. Literally Malema was saying they must protect Gordhan. They were out in the street protecting Gordhan. Today they are saying they don’t want Gordhan. Do they even think about what they are doing?

So I’m saying that what we are going to see tonight is hypocrisy, We are going to see this political leadership displaying its rottenness under the pretext somehow of fighting for something bigger. The EFF’s rejection of Gordhan is based on self interest. It has nothing to do with principle because if it did, they would have been with us when we were consistent (and we remain consistent) that Gordhan must go.

We are not going to be used by Malema for his Louis Vuitton lifestyle to be mobilized against Gordhan because him and Gordhan have differences today which are differences of the same agents of WMC. Let’s wait and see the hypocrisy presenting itself – the hypocrisy of the EFF.

The hypocrisy of Ramaphosa is staggering also. Ramaphosa is going to try to tell us that he has solutions to a crisis created by his handlers. The same people who gave him the R1Billion (his handlers) to buy the presidency of the ANC are responsible for all the main crisis that we have today: the crisis of joblessness, the crisis of the economy which is not performing, the crisis of our State Owned Enterprises (SOEs), the refusal to give free education. We expect Ramaphosa to give us answers to the problems created by his handlers – are we stupid? I’m told some of you are going to watch SONA under candle light, very sexy, very romantic.

Anyway the crisis in the SOEs is a deliberate crisis. Take Eskom and SAA in particular – Ramaphosa’s job is to run them down, it is not to find a solution. It is to run them down so that they can privatize them. Now we are going to be sitting down there and listening to this man telling us that he has a solution to the crisis of SOEs when his job is precisely to run them down so that his handlers who gave him R1Billion can actually make money. Are we a stupid people? Are we a people devoid of independent thinking?

Let’s look at this situation of joblessness. Ramaphosa’s handlers are the ones who are retrenching our people because we know how capitalism works – every time there is a crisis of the economy they retrench so that they can maintain their profit margins. These people (Ramaphosa’s handlers) have put our President in power. So our President cannot confront them. He cannot at today’s SONA address unemployment by declaring a moratorium on all retrenchments so that capital can also make sacrifices for the economy. He can’t do that because these are his bosses; because these are the people that gave him the job and what they want is that he must run things down. The issue of jobs is not record science. The same situation prevails with Free Education. Ramaphosa will not be able to say “Free Education“ because the banks want our children and us as parents to go and look for loans so that they can make profit out of higher education. And the same applies to the land issue – we will be given very long stories which has got nothing to do with the redistribution of land to address the apartheid land ownership structure of South Africa.

So basically tonight we are going to listen to hypocrisy. If you have a critical mind you will really understand that what is happening here is a reflection of the hypocrisy of our politics – meaning that parliament as it stands today does not represent black interests. It represents the interests of capital. Occasionally the agents of capital find themselves at war with one another and they’re mobilizing us into those battles.

If there was a proper President in this country today, he will drop the charges against President Zuma. They can drop the charges against Gordhan and others for their involvement in the SARS Rogue Unit saga when 6 independent investigations have shown that there was solid evidence against them, but they won’t drop the charges against President Zuma when these charges are not related to his terms as President. Some of the charges are over 20 years old, and others have already been withdrawn before but they are just being used for political reasons.

Again, the SONA today has got nothing to do with the nation. It’s a reflection of how bad political leadership is in this country, of how rotten their agendas are – actually of how deep they are in the pockets of the enemies of our people. We are going to see these two hypocrites, Julius Malema and Cyril Ramaphosa, standing up and trying to project this position that is supposed to represent the black majority when it doesn’t. The gimmicks of the EFF are going to be very interesting as well.

We are going to see these agents playing their game again and delaying the revolution. And we are not going to stop exposing Malema’s very dangerous game of delaying the revolution in this country because unlike Mandela, who they say is the sellout in the past, Malema is threatening the future.

And as for Ramaphosa, those who voted for him have to take some responsibility. You voted for a man who has already shown you what he did in Marikana and you made him President and today you are shocked by what is going on?

Let’s see later. Maybe I’ll be motivated to say something but I’m totally jaded. I have no hope. I have no desire to even listen to Ramaphosa because I know what he represents.

Till later. Go to lunch. Go to work guys. Capital is waiting.

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization. The above is a transcript of a live broadcast on social media today (during the lunch hour) ahead of the SONA.

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