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Malema and Ramaphosa SONA deal?

Julius Malema congratulated on his party’s election performance by Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture credit: @EFFSouthAfrica/Twitter

By The Black Eye

It has now transpired that the African National Congress (ANC) members of parliament were instructed to leave the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) to disrupt the State of the Nation Address (SONA).

Sources say that strict instructions were given at the ANC caucus in this respect. This has raised serious questions about whether the whole thing was choreographed to take the attention away from Cyril Ramaphosa so that he is able to deliver one of the most pro white monopoly capital (WMC) SONAs and to also minimize the post event critical engagement with the wholesale privatization and attack of small black businesses announced by the President.

To some observers the announcement of the sudden adjournment of parliament, was also part of the Malema-Ramaphosa deal. Sources further say that during the break the parties to the deal agreed to call the delay off so that Ramaphosa can peacefully announce his far reaching pro WMC policy directives. Pravin Gordhan and FW de Klerk were just decoys to allow for as little as possible scrutiny on the pro Stellenbosch SONA.

It looks like Juju and Matamela have once more proven to be a good team in service of Stellenbosch and London. Malema is under extreme pressure to perform because the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) is said to be now ready to proceed against him if he doesn’t behave.

So Malema and Ramaphosa have successfully deflected attention from one of the most anti poor and pro WMC SONAs. They keep fooling the people.

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