We are black!

By Andile Mngxitama

Blacks calling themselves “humans” as an organising thought are totally innocent of the 500 years of the creation of the “human” as a category which is parasitic on blackness and finds its coherence on the basis of keeping the black as the sub human.

Read the preamble of the pro slavery American Constitution proclaim inalienable rights to the human. Or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) by the United Nations developed by evil men who at that very moment were keeping blacks as colonised people. The reference to “human rights” in the UDHR didn’t have blacks in mind. This sort of thing should be common cause to those seeking emancipatory possibilities and are black.

You aren’t going to liberate black people and yourself as a black person if you are not aware of how your blackness is an overdetermined category that even exceeds economics.

However, students are allowed the luxury of fads more so if they aren’t students in the calibre of Steve Biko and Onkgopotse Tiro.

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.

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