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BLF not in parliament but agitates to Free the Mind

By Andile Mngxitama

I remain extremely humbled and encouraged by all the people who voted for Black First Land First (BLF) in the last elections. We know for a fact that BLF received well over the 20 000 votes they claim we got. We were robbed!

It must also be remembered that white monopoly capital (WMC) was doing everything to stop us from going to parliament. The media was hostile. The judiciary was vigorously used against us to confuse the voters. We were in court every day up to literally a day before the elections. The likes of the Democratic Alliance (DA), Freedom Front Plus (FF+), and Afriforum were all busy and in a massive panic.

Furthermore, WMC pumped money into the organizations it controls. In this regard the record indicates that:

i. the African National Congress (ANC) spent over R1 billion.
ii. the DA spent over R800 million.
iii. the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) spent over R500 million

On the other hand, BLF spent less than R100 000. Do the math…

The point is that BLF continues to provide eduction for liberation. We also tirelessly expose fake revolutionaries and sell-outs. The voice of BLF remains loud and clear. In terms of public engagement it can be said that BLF features in the top five of the political system and yet we are not in parliament.

We reject the notion that BLF must be some civil society organization. We are a revolutionary movement and nothing stops us from leading and participating in any campaign.

I meet a lot of people who have voted for BLF. None of them regret their decision. BLF is undoubtedly the ideological leader of the South African revolutionary process. The tide is turning towards black radical nationalism. The future is BLACK and BLF is in it.

We shall be working steadily to prepare ourselves for 2021. We need BLF inside the system to force change from there whilst also building a fighting revolutionary movement on the outside.

They can’t ban the revolution. No we won’t stop; the enemy knows it!


Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.

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