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“Zinhle Maditla, I refuse to condemn this mother“ says Mngxitama

Zinhle Maditla after being sentenced in court, Image credit: News24

By BO Staff Writer

On Friday the High Court sitting in Mpumalanga, imposed four life sentences on 25-year-old Zinhle Maditla after convicting her of murdering her four children, Minenhle, 8; Blessing, 6; Shanique, 4; and 11 months old Ettiene.

Maditla confessed to murdering her children. She testified that on that faithful day she confronted the father of two of her children about Christmas presents that he didn’t get for them; she then found him with another woman; while subsequently returning home she purchased rat poison which she later mixed with food and fed her children; when her children complained of headaches she went to buy aspirin; and upon returning home she found them dead.

She apologized in court to the children’s fathers and her mother for what she had done. She also indicated to the court that she was willing to take full responsibility for her actions which she regretted.

Maditla’s family members asked Judge Sheila Mphahlele, who presided in the case, to show mercy in imposing sentence.

However Judge Mphahlele imposed an extremely harsh sentence which suggested that there were no prospects of rehabilitation on the part of Maditla.

Black First Land First (BLF) President, Andile Mngxitama, denounced the treatment of Maditla by the criminal justice system. He also condemned the role of mainstream liberal feminism in preventing the resolution of the black question.

“Things that haunt me…. From the bones of my Comrade Sipho Makhombothi, whose body was exhumed by white farmers in Mpumalanga, to how black trauma has become a weapon against black people in the hands of white thought that often pass as feminism – I keep on thinking about how this mother has been thrown away with no questions at all. The vindictive, cancelling motif of white feminism has robbed us of any capacity to understand the depth of the black question. This violence is indicative of something much more serious in the black zone,” Mngxitama said.

“I refuse to condemn this mother and many others like her. We need to rethink how we think about ourselves in this state of unfreedom. I think about her a lot … We have thrown her in the trash can and moved on because that’s more easier than finding real solutions to the black condition. I’m not ok…”, he added.

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