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Ramaphosa apologized, Mamabolo had to do the same

Boy Mamabolo and Julius Malema. Image credit: The South African

By BO Staff Writer

At the State of the Nation Address (SONA) last week, ANC MP Boy Mamabolo accused EFF leader Julius Malema of beating his wife Mantwa. In the debate that followed Malema denied the accusation and subsequently suggested that President Ramaphosa had abused his previous late wife.

Mamabolo repeated the accusation against Julius on Tuesday in the National Assembly. In the interim, both Julius and Mantwa have sent lawyers letters to Mamabolo demanding that he retracts his accusation or face damages claims for defamation to the tune of R1 million in respect of each of them.

During his reply to the SONA, Cyril apologized to Julius and Mantwa regarding Mamabolo‘s allegations. In return, Julius apologised to Cyril in writing for his accusation that the President had abused his previous wife.

Following the exchange of apologies between Cyril and Julius and during the debate of Cyril’s SONA, Mamabolo tendered his apologies for his allegations that Julius had assaulted Mantoa.

Black First Land First (BLF) President, Andile Mngxitama, responded sharply on social media to Mambolo‘s apology.

“Once Ramaphosa apologized, poor Hon Boy Mamabolo had to do the same. You don’t defy the Project2019 of the President of the 3 top parties in parliament,” he said

Mngxitama suggested that the plan was to deflect attention from the crisis that Ramaphosa had plunged the country into at the behest of white monopoly capital (WMC).

“It’s all central to parliament’s grand deception which started with a great pseudo conflict and ended with a great prearranged reconciliation,” he explained.

“Hon Boy Mamabolo is facing the same fate that befell Hon Maimane. They both didn’t understand that Cyril is the President of the top three political parties in parliament. It’s part of Project2019 of the President, which was concocted in London, to ensure WMC rule. Cyril even pays some MPs of the opposition,” Mngxitama clarified.

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