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East Rand Mall hostage: under the table with a big Boer

By Andile Mngxitama

It’s Monday just after 11am. I’m meeting some brothers who are fighting a monopoly in the tow truck industry. We are at Wimpy at the East Rand Mall.

Three loud bangs go off. People scatter and scurry in all directions. It’s so loud and so rapid I think it must be an automatic assault rifle. The noise is deafening, like a stun grenade. The waiters and waitresses are packed at the back. We are trapped. I imagine the gunman would walk in and start shooting us all. There is literally nowhere to hide. Fear…

Then two more shots go off. It’s so close. Glass shatters against the marble. We scatter again. Someone is brave enough to roll down the Wimpy door. It’s a flimsy protection. Anyone can fire through that thin cover.

Then once more, rapid fire. We go to the floor. I’m under a table, side by side with a big fat Boer. His eyes are wide open. I muster the courage to tell him, “we are dying today”. His eyes go even wider. His mouth opens. His tongue refuses to speak. White fear of death is a beautiful thing to observe.

I get out of under the table. The big fat Boer is lying there like a dead ox. I see a black sister alone in a corner. I go over. Tears form in her eyes. I’m laughing nervously. I give her hug. She says, “I can’t die now, my daughter needs me.” Mothers think first of their children’s well being. I sit next to her. Door opens. They tell us everyone must leave. Outside a big crowd has formed looking inside as we pour out. I check on the sister one more time. She is coping ok. I offer her a lift to her car which is being serviced the other side of the mall.

Later I heard fantastic stories about what happened. Looks like it was a total take down. The mall was basically taken hostage. About 8 men walked with assortments of assault rifles. Someone mentioned AKs. They started robbing shops like jewelry stores. The glass that shattered was of a hunting gun shop. It is said that maybe another 10 men had been positioned outside. The police tried to react but had to beat a retreat from superior fire power.

No one was injured. Clean job!

The excluded are beginning to take from the rich. It’s getting desperate. I’m told the next day another mall was hit in the East Rand again. It’s as if the people are saying, “if Markus Jooste can get away with stealing over R20 billion, what are we waiting for?”

Acts of economic repossession by blacks are revolutionary…

Wonder what happened of the big Boer. Hope no cardiac arrest followed. One thing for sure, he won’t be going to any mall soon.

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.

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