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Soweto is correct, free electricity is possible!

By Andile Mngxitama

No country gives free electricity in the world: WRONG!

Turkmenistan gives free electricity to its people. Its citizens have been receiving government-provided electricity, water and natural gas free of charge, since 1993.

I’m not counting Libya under Muammar Gaddafi. The City of Delhi in India has also started this process.

We are calling for free electricity for household use. I hope those who are opposed to this call know the following:

1. 90% of electricity in South Africa (SA) is coal based.
2. Coal is for free.
3. Government pays to establish mines that supply Eskom (meaning we pay to establish the mines, those are our mines).
4. Household consumption of electricity is about 30% (meaning we can sell 70% to industry).
5. One company (BHP Billiton) eats 10% of our electricity and pays next to nothing for it (this should be stopped)
In other words, only stupidity is stopping South African households from getting free electricity. And it’s people who have internalized slave mentality who believe households must pay for electricity generated from our natural resources.

Soweto is correct. Free electricity is possible!

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.

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