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But you are a nice guy…

By Andile Mngxitama

The other night my friend Gayton had double booked a meeting. I joined him at the table with two whites as they finished their meeting. We make small talk in between.

Just as they finish off, the one white explains that he owns some factories. He said to me, “you are such a nice guy. Do you know when there is a strike or unhappiness, the workers tell me “we going to call Andile.”” He added that one of his shop stewards said, “when Andile comes here, you must run.”

He then says he wants to take a selfie with me. I refuse politely. I explain calmly, I’m not a sellout. I say, “your workers are right. The day I come I will make sure we have petrol bombs as well and it will make no difference that you have met me today.”

He sits back and looks at Gayton. Gayton laughs and points at me saying, “this guy is a terrorist.“

I tell them I have no personal beef with whites. My grievance is historical and all whites are guilty in my eyes.

The white guy asked why didn’t BLF go to parliament if we are for the people? I explained the rigging etc. But I say that each time black people experience racism they know we were right. So we are the future. I tell him it’s inevitable – the BLF driven encounter and victory. It may take time, but its coming…

I realize that I have long stopped being emotional in my comment on fighting white supremacy. We need to plan, plot and unleash even when there is total peace. The day we reach that level of understanding what we are fighting, is the day we make progress.

Psst, the one white also complained about the forums that disrupt construction sites demanding a 30% share. I told him, “those are my guys.” He never said another word…

After the whites left, I told Gayton I was glad to hear that black people are beginning to know who the real revolutionaries are. Slow slow…

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.

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