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Sunday Times Mamparas say free electricity not possible

By Andile Mngxitama

The Mamparas of the white monopoly capital owned (WMC) Sunday Times made me Mampara of the week for my call for ’Free Electricity for Household Use’. How ironic?

During my live broadcast on 26 February 2020 on social media titled “Is free electricity possible?”, I said amongst other things:

“The biggest problem here is not the cost. The biggest problem here is not affordability. The biggest problem here is the internalization in our heads of the ideas of the ruling class. This makes some people say, as they have said on my wall, “it’s not possible, who will pay”. But you are already paying – this coal is being paid for by the State with our money. If you want to start a mining company in SA you just go to Eskom and tell them this. They’ll give you a 40 year deal. They’ll prepay you. People don’t know that prepayment means that you get paid in advance before delivering one coal. You have all this money which you use to actually build this mine and coal comes from God. The same with clean energy – we have the IPPS which will take money from the state (me and you) and generate this so called clean energy (which we know is free) which now your government (your President) says they can sell to us directly. When this happens you’ll see hell because once they achieve this commodification of energy, it will make them the biggest generators of energy. They will determine the price (we’ll talk about competition). You will pay from the nose. And even if you don’t have the money they’ll shut down immediately because it will be a complete commodity. But it’s not a question of affordability. It’s a question of them taking from us our natural resources for sale to us so that they can get profit but we have no manufacturer of coal. God had already manufactured the coal for our use and our government gives them the money to set up these mines which sells back to us the energy generated from our coal, from our money.“

The Sunday Times quotes an extract of the above and makes unfounded conclusions.

It basically distorted my reasoning to make me look like an idiot so that they may call me an idiot.

I have cautioned not to let them fool you. Free electricity is definitely possible. Places that have lesser means than SA already give their people free electricity. To this end I pointed out that ALL citizens of Turkmenistan get free electricity since 1993; farmers in Andhra Pradesh (in India) get free electricity since 2004; ALL citizens of New Delhi will get free electricity from 2020; and ALL citizens of Libya got free electricity during Muammar Gaddafi’s administration.

That free electricity is possible in SA and is in fact a right, is based on the following facts:

“1. 90% of the electricity is from coal.
2. Coal is free.
3. It is Eskom that pays mines to mine the coal (cost plus mines).
4. Household consumption (including fridges, televisions, lights and stoves) is less than 30% of all electricity produced by Eskom.
5. Eskom should sell the remaining 70% of its energy to industry.
6. One foreign company (BHP Billiton) eats 10% of our electricity and pays less than me and you per kilowatt.
7. Brian Molefe stopped loadshedding
8. Loadshedding started again under the Ramaphosa administration to justify privatization.
9. Pravin Gordhan hired a proven incompetent white man, Andre de Ruyter, to run down Eskom just as he had done with Nampak.
10. They are fooling us.“

All my conclusions are a matter of public knowledge. The WMC media fear that the people will start listening to the power of our black logic. So they demonize us. Too bad, the people are waking up.

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Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.

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