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“See how revolutionary Venezuela is treating the Coronavirus epidemic,” says Mngxitama

President Maduro speaking at the “Day of the Doctor” celebrations. Image credit: Prensa Presidencial

By BO Staff Writer

Yesterday President Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa, “declared a national state of disaster in terms of the Disaster Management Act”, while addressing the public on the coronavirus pandemic from the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

Save for speaking about measures to restrict travel; and preventing more than 99 people gathering; as well as calling on people to sanitize their hands; self quarantine; and reduce physical contact with others – he said nothing radical about treating the pandemic and preventing it from spreading.

Black First Land First (BLF) President, Andile Mngxitama condemned Ramaphosa’s response to the coronavirus outbreak.

“This is how Matamela’s measures look… The guy has no clue about the reality of the black majority. He doesn’t know how we live. He doesn’t know how we get to work and back every single day. It’s the result of a President who sold his soul and mind to the enemy. Those buses this morning would have been carrying 99 people each. And what about the passengers in the trains? Who counts? Who gives a damn? These are black people….

“The one thing Matamela should have announced is that private hospitals would be compelled to open doors and prepare for the coming influx. We are at 10 positives a day… See how revolutionary Venezuela is treating the epidemic, Ramaphosa is clueless,” Mngxitama said on social media.

The Venezuelan President, Nicolás Maduro, said last week that his country already has units of Cuban Interferon alfa 2B (IFRrec) to address cases of coronavirus. The IFRrec was developed in 1984 at the start of the Cuban Scientific Pole.

“I have approved all the necessary resources despite US sanctions so that the country is equipped with all the tests to protect and prevent this epidemic that is hitting different societies in the world, we are on alert 24/7,” Maduro said

He was speaking at the “Day of the Doctor” event which was celebrated with Venezuelan doctors. Maduro’s message was broadcast live on radio and TV.

“Cuba is in the vanguard, Cuba is always in the vanguard with Interferon, a medicine technology,” he pointed out.

To this end Julio Cesar Garcia, the Head of Cuban Missions in Venezuela, elaborated on the IFRrec:

“It’s the first medicine of Cuban biotechnology and it is an antiviral which allows for the increase of the defence in the body. We have a factory in China and it is one of 10 medicines which the Chinese Government has approved for treatment of patients sick with COVID-19. Around 3500 lives have been saved in China with the medicine and like you (Maduro) said, due to a Cuban-Venezuelan agreement we have these medications here. There are more than 10000 units (of IFRrec) in Venezuela to dispense it for any patient who needs it. It’s a product of the Cuban-Venezuelan agreement and a revolution for healthcare in Venezuela, which is empowering us to attend to this issue,” Garcia said

Maduro also extended his gratitude to the Chinese President.

“From Venezuela we are congratulating President Xi Jinping and we thank him for the support we have received towards a preventative purpose. We thank China for all the support in medicines, in diagnostic tests. Thank you China, thank you. China has been affected strongly by this issue but is still able to provide support and solidarity to other people’s of the world,” he said.

Cuba has the IFRrec, to treat the coronavirus and China has the necessary experience of curing those infected and preventing the rise of infections in the country.

Moreover on Sunday Maduro ordered a “collective quarantine” in seven states commencing on Monday to prevent the spread of the pandemic.

“It’s not a collective vacation, no. It’s a collective quarantine that deserves great social discipline, great self-control,” Maduro said. He called on the people to stay “at home.”

This is in addition to the flights that he banned regarding Europe, Panama, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic. He further suspended sporting events; as well as school and tertiary classes.

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