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Coronavirus epidemic: Spain nationalizes private healthcare sector

Spanish President Pedro Sánchez. Image credit: AFP

By BO Staff Writer

Spain, after Italy, is the second most affected country in Europe by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Spanish government responded on Monday with the declaration that it has nationalised all private hospitals and healthcare providers to combat the spread of the coronavirus epidemic. To this end Salvador Illa, Spain’s Minister of Health, said that the government:

i. is subjecting the country’s private health sector as well as their facilities to public control;

ii. requires 4th year medical students to assist Spain’s health service; and

iii. requires those businesses that can produce medical equipment to get in touch with it.

It must be stated that the Spanish government has already implemented other measures to address the spread of the virus, including:

i. declaring a state of emergency last week and mobilizing the military;

ii. shutting down schools and public places;

iii. ordering citizens to only leave their homes to go to work or purchase essentials such as medicine and food; and

iv. shutting down bars, restaurants, and most of the shops – apart from supermarkets and pharmacies – in Spain’s capital, Madrid.

“The government of Spain will protect all its citizens and will guarantee the right life conditions to slow the pandemic with as little inconvenience as possible,” the Spanish President Pedro Sánchez said.

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