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How other countries are responding to coronavirus

By Andile Mngxitama

On how to deal with the coronavirus epidemic, here are the worlds current best practices:

1. Spain: nationalized the private healthcare sector.
2. Italy: suspended mortgage bond payments.
3. Canada: suspended rent and mortgages.
4. Egypt: reduced interest rates.
5. Kenya: shutdown the country.
6. Venezuela: Secured over 10000 units of Cuban Interferon alfa 2B (IFRrec) (an antiviral which allows for the increase of the defence in the body) to address cases of coronavirus; banned flights of Europe, Panama, Colombia, and the Dominican Republic; and suspended sporting events as well as school and tertiary classes.
7. Cuba: has the IFRrec to treat the coronavirus. IFRrec was developed by Cuba in 1984 at the start of the Cuban Scientific Pole.
8. China: has the necessary experience of curing those infected, preventing the rise of infections, and stabilizing the country.

And how is South Africa dealing with the pandemic?!!! Ramaphosa o ingwaya dithala… waiting for Stellenbosch to give him directives.

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.

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