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Andile Mngxitama, today’s Steve Biko

By Mrembole Tebza Mogoera

I’m now going to be a bit controversial – and I know I might get a backlash and develop some enemies – for speaking this truth.

Here it goes: I think Andile Mngxitama is our modern day Steve Biko, and us, his followers, are the modern day Mamphela Ramphelas, Barney Pityanas, Strini et al. lol – his comrades and groupies.

On a serious note…

I believe when Biko was alive, his politics and ideas were dismissed as childish by many in the big political parties (especially ANC and PAC) and were not taken as serious as they are taken today, as a result of his brilliant writings in the book “I write what I like”.

I argue that when Biko was alive, people during that time, did not regard him as a leader and a philosopher that he is today when he is dead. All they saw him to be was a youthful student leader with crazy ideas that are not worth entertaining. People were looking up to the Mandelas, Tambos and Sobukwes as their trusted leaders.

My postulation is that people did not take Biko seriously until he was killed, and it was only then, that they started realizing his greatness.

I further argue that the same thing is happening today with our modern Biko – also mockingly known by his moniker “Vice Biko”. Like the Mamphelas, Strini and Pityanas, it is only a select few that appreciates him as an intellect extraordinaire, a leader and a visionary, while he’s still alive; while many sees him as a clown and mad person that they will only realize his greatness when he is dead.

I guess it’s a case of Notorious B.I.G. “You’re nobody until somebody kills you.”

I just wish, Andile Mngxitama, a staunch “Bikoist” lives long; and if fate willing, his ideas can lead us, as black people, to the promised land of Free Azania in our lifetime – as envisioned by our idol and Master Teacher, Bantubonke Steven Biko.

It is because of his visionary ideas that WE are proud Mngxitamists.

WE are Black First Land First!

Andile Mngxi these are your flowers while you can still smell them.


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