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5G Talk, considerations and summary

By Andile Mngxitama

Last night, 2 April, I went live on my Facebook page (Andile Mngxi). I reflected on the issue of 5G (aka 5th generation of mobile broadband) – more specifically regarding the following considerations:

1. What’s the theoretical/philosophical framework to understand such a phenomenon?
2. What is 5G?
3. Is there a war for 5G between the USA and China and if so, why? (understanding war propaganda).
4. Is 5G harmful to our health?
5. Must we reject or embrace it?
6. Why is 5G brought to South Africa (SA) by Patrice Motsepe? Must we worry?
7. Does 5G cause covid-19?
8. What must be done?

Here’s a summary of the issues considered during my 5G Talk:

1. There’s a war being waged for the control of the world between China and the USA.
2. Whoever controls the 5G networks controls the future.
3. China is ahead in the development of 5G technology and consequently in the battle for dominance of 5G networks – it owns 40% of the global 5G infrastructure market having invested billions.
4. The USA needs the Chinese dominance to stop and has therefore unleashed massive anti G5 propaganda through alternative sources.
5. There is no doubt that the health risks of G5 are massive.
6. The USA is using the truth to push anti China propaganda so that it can catch up and then unleash the same technology for itself.
7. The ‘Anti 5G Movement’ is not aware of the geopolitical war over the control of the world via 5G.
8. There is no evidence that G5 caused COVID-19, which is likely a USA virus.
9. 5G must be stopped but given the race to control the globe, this is next to impossible.
10. The USA must never be allowed to control the 5G technology.
11. We must educate, agitate and petition government to give guarantees for our health.
12. Where possible action against the transformers should be undertaken.
13. We aren’t luddites.

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.

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