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COVID-19 lockdown: Army & Police Brutality Inflicted On Blacks, Why?

By Andile Mngxitama

Why are the police and army brutal to blacks? Short answer: It’s because the STATE – being the Executive (Cabinet), the Legislature (Parliament), and Judiciary (the courts) – is ANTI BLACK!

In this regard, both the Media, and Civil Society are also instances (arms) of the STATE.

It must be noted that the horrible treatment given to blacks and the civil treatment reserved for whites, does not relate to the lack of education on how to treat people. The state knows how to treat white people humanly and black people inhumanely.

The state that was inherited in 1994 was never destroyed. It instead incorporated blacks into its machinery of anti blackness. When a black army General says “ons skop and donder”, in his mind he has a black body against his boot.

This anti black state is managed by blacks but it is mostly in autopilot. When parliamentarians went home on the 18th of March, it was part of this same process of anti blackness. There are perks to serving the anti black state – from a good salary to media enhanced prestige.

This anti black state of course from time to time eats its black managers. When you put on the army or police uniform, you are white and your job is to put blacks in their place. You make blacks do push-ups. You make them roll in the dirt. You arrest them. You even shoot them. You assume whiteness and you therefore see no white transgression. A church full of whites, opposite a police station during the national lockdown, is not a transgression. They are white.

So the problem here is that at the core of this STATE, is an anti black value system. This explains why President Zuma, despite being the President, realised that to do things for blacks he had to do “Parallel Power Praxis”.

Our job is to strive to end this STATE and replace it with one that is pro black – where Blacks shall be First!

Black First Land First (BLF) is calling for a new pro Black Constitution. However to realize that we need to destroy everything that stands against us. To do this we will have to die and resurrect on the 3rd day, with clear marks on our palms, feet and left side of the ribcage – of our time on the cross.

Black dignity will not come when our lack of dignity is covered in Louis Vuitton and Gucci brands.

There is no short cut to salvation.

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.

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