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Why you don’t believe it’s possible for all to live well

By Andile Mngxitama

White Supremacy and capitalism have sold its victims a lie which it has turned it into a moral virtue. Capitalists get everything for free but make us feel quilty for asking for the basics.

Lots of good people are trapped in a hypocritical moral game where they honestly believe that it’s a bad thing to give money to the unemployed and poor. They believe people are unemployed because they are lazy. It’s how capitalism makes you hate its victims and love the capitalists.

This ideology of hard work is powerful. It serves to shift blame from those who cause hardship. The same ideology makes good people to frown upon the legitimate call for the state to provide employment for all graduates. This ideology makes you think it’s impossible to get free electricity and data for personal use, even if you don’t really understand how data or electricity is produced and redistributed. You are opposed to the notion that people should get these things for free. You just believe your instinct, which is informed by white supremacy and capitalism.

A related idea of this ideology of hard work is meritocracy which a lie from the beginning to end. But they succeed because they make you work very hard for little comforts and then you hate everyone around you who you want to also work hard. lol.

The same ideology also makes you think that free quality healthcare and education are not possible. It’s not based on evidence or science, it’s a belief system we have been forced to internalize by the family, church, school, university, media, politicians and so on.. But it’s actually the ideology of capitalists intended to make us stupid.

Take the COVID-19 national lockdown: capitalists have already been given access to over R540 billion! And the poor has been given R0.00. Every time capitalism is in crisis, governments give capitalists bail outs for free. Have you heard of the apartheid ‘life boats’? It’s now happening again.

The battle of the mind is one of the biggest hurdles to our liberation. Victims of this capitalist ideology will defend it with all their might and even say that you are crazy for opposing it. They are victims. They need help. But it won’t be easy.

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.

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