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“How to Steal a Country” is trash

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By Andile Mngxitama

I watched Rehad Desai’s “How to Steal a Country” on Showmax. It’s a piece of trash masquerading as a documentary film. Rehad is the same man who supposedly filmed the secret meeting between the Mazzotti boys (EFF leadership) and Robin Renwick. He refuses to share the footage of this meeting – I don’t think it exists.

The irony is that Rehad’s film bears the same title as that of Robin Renwick’s book “How to Steal a Country”. This shows Rehad’s ideological affinity with imperialism and white monopoly capital (WMC).

The heavily funded documentary, which promised to show how the Guptas bought the country, is based on gossip and unverified information. It’s really a cut and paste exercise of known visual material and shots of random buildings in New York and Dubai. The guy ripped off the financial backers of the film.

This bad piece of propaganda was funded by, amongst others, the evil George Soros and the Cyril Ramaphosa administration. It’s a desperate attempt to whitewash the sins of WMC and sanitise Ramaphosa. The film ends with Ramaphosa’s “victory” in Nasrec in December 2017 and him being projected as a saviour. Rehad, who is the son of the late PAC stalwart Barney Desai and proclaims to be a Marxist, has nothing to say about Ramaphosa and Marikana. He also makes no mention of the R1 billion scandal of WMC money that propelled Ramaphosa to the presidency. In a brazen scene indicating a very cheap attempt to make the Guptas look really bad, he brings in footage of the discredited confession of the former Bosasa COO, Angelo Agrizzi, as well as shots of Bosasa kingpin Gavin Watson and stacks of money. These scenes are misleadingly factored in, as if they are part of the Gupta proclaimed corruption. A film about corruption is morally corrupt itself.

I’m waiting for a proper fact based film on the Gupta corruption – not fiction based nonsense.

In the end the film falls flat. The white racists who moonlight as journalists bemoan the fact that when Jacob Zuma appeared before the Zondo Commission, he didn’t give them what they wanted. The bad film ends on a sad note for the merchants of the state capture narrative who set out to hide the looting of the state by WMC.

It’s really a film that is best described as failed activism for Stellenbosch. The sad thing is that it’s really boring, lazy, flat, and generally rubbish. Rehad must have walked away with good money. Well done Hardy, you ripped them off because they were so eager to get a film to demonise Zuma.

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.


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