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A conversation with black theologians on the legacy of colonial Christianity in South Africa

In his seminal text Blacks Can’t Be Racist, Andile Mngxitama identifies three interrelated moves which interfaced to create the black: dispossession of land, labour, and the African being. On the latter move – dispossession of the African being – he argues that the African Gods were decimated by a white god who was from the beginning a god of capitalism, a deeply greedy and cruel god. This god, Mngxitama further charges, was intertwined with commercial interests, and through this process new clothes, wants, desires, and needs were imposed upon blacks. To facilitate this ‘civilisation’ process there was a constant threat of jail, cracking of the whip, and the deafening sound of the gun.

Come Sunday, the main question will be “can Christianity be redeemed from its colonial foundations?”

To help us think through this and other related questions on the legacy of colonial Christianity in South Africa, Andile Mngxitama will be in conversation with black theologians Xola Skosana, Lerato Mokoena, Lerato Kobe, Israel Mkhize, and Patrick Matabeni.

Pastor Xola Skosana is the founder and senior pastor of Way of Life Kilombo in Khayelitsha, Cape Town and the author of Disband the White Church.

Dr Lerato Mokoena is a lecturer at North West University in Old Testament studies.

Pastor Lerato Kobe is a lecturer at the University of South Africa in the department of Christian Spirituality, Church History and Missiology.

Israel Mkhize is a political economist and analyst, and an award-winning gospel musician.

Patrick Matabeni is a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He has held various leadership roles in the structures of the church.

The conversation will be live on the Blacks Can’t Be Racist Facebook page on Sunday 24 May at 8PM.

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