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Trump, release all arrested protesters & drop all charges now!

By BO Staff Writer

Millions have taken to the streets in the United States (US) demanding justice for George Floyd and all those killed at the instance of police brutality and state repression. They are saying “Enough is Enough”. They want pDonald Trump to release all arrested protesters and drop all charges now! But the legitimate demands of the people are met with even more brutality and repression.

The 4 killer cops who murdered George Floyd haven’t been arrested but the protesters rising up in righteous indignation are being beaten, maced, gassed, shot, run over, and arrested just for summoning an end to the violence meted out to blacks.

In this context neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have shown any capacity to solve the pandemic of racist violence that has gripped the USA

Donald Trump repeats the sentiments of the 1960s white supremacists in the South. He threatened to unleash bullets on those protesting the execution of George Floyd when he tweeted, “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”.

And the hypocrisy of the Obamas with their fake “pain” in relation to George Floyd’s murder must be called out. Barack Obama’s conduct must be given the same contempt as Trump’s. There were about 8000 murders under Obama’s presidency with almost no one prosecuted! Just like Trump, Obama called Blacks in Baltimore thugs when they rose against the police brutality of Freddy Gray. Also, when Obama came to the White House he continued with George W. Bush’s sustained imperialist wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Africa, amongst others. It’s significant that it’s the Democratic Party’s politicians who are imposing “emergency police powers” and unleashing the National Guard on protesters. It not just the Democrats and the Republicans, the whole Capitalist/Imperialist/White Supremacist system must be overhauled from below.

Trump’s murderous threat to “shoot the looters” is not surprising considering his established pattern of conduct which drives the epidemic of racist violence in the US. His threat to deploy troops on the US/Mexico border to shoot immigrants also fits into this pattern. This situation is further compounded by the impact of Covid-19 on blacks in the US.

Justice for George Floyd and all those killed by police brutality and state repression!

Enough is Enough!

Release all arrested protesters and drop all charges now, Trump!

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