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Gayton stops Juju’s food

Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie (right) and EFF leader Julius Malema (left)

By BO Staff Writer

Julius Malema is an angry man. Gayton McKenzie has apparently stopped him from looting the City of Joburg (COJ) that was permitted under the erstwhile mayor, Herman Mashaba.

Last week Malema unleashed a statement through Musa Novela, the Joburg regional chairperson of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and a councillor at the COJ, indicating his anger against McKenzie. Novela now faces a possible R2 million law suit by McKenzie for defamation resulting from this tirade.

Malema made two blunders that he now blames McKenzie for. Firstly, he underestimated the political acumen of McKenzie during the motion of no confidence against Mashaba. He made impossible demands to the African National Congress (ANC) to ensure that the looting continued. The EFF had the numbers but didn’t see McKenzie coming. So when two Democratic Alliance (DA) ‘Colored’ councilors voted against the racist DA, it was game over for Juju’s reign in the COJ. Juju just didn’t see that coming. It was McKenzie 1; Juju 0.

The second blunder by Juju is that he trusted no one. He didn’t give senior managers permanent posts. This resulted in Juju not controlling the tenders. They were all acting so as to enable Juju to easily remove any manager who blocked his corruption. The problem is that with his party’s unexpected loss of power, all his managers became vulnerable to being removed because they are only acting in their posts. Juju can’t rule from the grave, so the gravy train is gone.

Juju was eating nice food under Mashaba. One of his meals was the over R1 billion Afrirent Holdings tender in respect of which he received money through his cousin in Mahuna Investments. Treasury has made findings which show wide scale corruption around the Afrirent Holdings tender. In fact the COJ has been instructed to stop the tender and undertake a forensic investigation within thirty days.

More dirt will be revealed on the looting of the COJ by Juju under Mashaba. Juju blames Gayton Mckenzie for all his troubles in the COJ. It must be remembered that there is old rivalry between the two as expressed in the open letter by McKenzie that went viral titled “Thug to thug”.

Malema is desperate to discredit McKenzie. He is flogging the dead horse of McKenzie‘s past for which he has paid his dues and has since become a businessman and a philanthropist. The campaign of vilification won’t fly.

The COJ may be Juju’s undoing. The Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) and the Al Jama-ah have come out firing on all cylinders against the EFF on its corruption in the COJ. It’s going to be a tough time ahead for Juju’s food.

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