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Bpeople refuse to learn from history

By Andile Mngxitama

Long long time ago…

The Bpeople lived peaceful in their land. Then came the snakes in three ships – dromedaris, reiger and goede hoop. The BPeople were shocked when the snakes arrived riven with scurvy and kwashiokor. The kind Bpeople gave the snakes fresh produce and pieces of land to plant for themselves. When the snakes were fit and healthy, they started to attack the Bpeople and took their land.

It was a long fight but in the end the snakes had the land and the Bpeople had become slaves of the snakes.
So some Bpeople said, “we must fight the snakes, we must put the Bpeople first!” The other Bpeople said, “no! You are full of hate, not all snakes are snakes.” So the Bpeople were divided because other Bpeople loved some snakes. And snakes being snakes continued to bite and keep the land.

Sometimes the Bpeople who want to put Bpeople first asked the Bpeople who loved snakes, “how do you know which snake is a better snake?” The Bpeople who loved some snakes said, those Bpeople were bitter and full of hate.

Sometimes the Bpeople who loved some snakes even put snakes in positions of power and gave them the votes of Bpeople.

So it went on and the snakes continued to bite the Bpeople and kept their land and the Bpeople keep on being divided because some say not all snakes are snakes.

What is clear is that the Bpeople refuse to learn from history.

It is not clear if the Bpeople will ever break the spell of loving snakes which continue to be just snakes….

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.

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