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Are most blacks morons? What charges is Ace facing?

By Andile Mngxitama

The media knows that most blacks are gullible morons. So it talks a lot about asbestos corruption. It even gets the victims to cry on camera and then throws in the name of Ace Magashule in the mix. Then morons start singing “Ace is corrupt”, as concluded by the media.

What these morons don’t know is that the charges Ace faces has nothing to do with any asbestos corruption. The NPA statement is clear about the charges. Ace is charged with:

1. helping 200 black students get electronic tablets to help them study.
2. asking for donations to help a student get a bursary.
3. asking donations to send a delegation to Cuba.

Look even if you think Ace is corrupt, can they bring proper charges at least? But Stellenbosch knows that most blacks are easily influenced. So they just created a smokescreen and abothathekile are misled and making noise.

Can blacks stop being morons who are easily misled, please!!!

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