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20 Truths: Let’s build our political home NOW!

By Andile Mngxitama

Without a political home that won’t flip-flop and sell us out, our truths won’t matter.

It’s TRUE that:

1. Ramaphosa is the most corrupt politician in SA today. He has corrupted even the courts.
2. Jacob Zuma is an innocent victim of Stellenbosch, the bosses of Ramaphosa.
3. The Guptas were kicked out of SA because the white monopoly capitalists of Stellenbosch don’t want any competition in their control of the economy.
4. Major 1’s success has made him a target of Stellenbosch that is using the state and white owned media to harass and smear him.
5. Matšhela Koko, Dr Ben Ngubane, and Brian Molefe are criminalised because they wanted transformation at Eskom. White monopoly capitalist (WMC) doesn’t want anyone to benefit from Eskom.
6. Dudu Myeni is declared a delinquent Director by the captured courts because she wanted SAA to serve Black Economic Empowerment.
7. All the top political parties in parliament are in the pockets of WMC.
8. There shall be no land expropriation without compensation – it was a lie to get votes.
9. Parliament is going to remove the Public Protector, Advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane, because WMC wants a stooge to replace her.
10. The Ramaphosa government wants to give control of the Black Independent churches to Ray McCauley through the so called Commission for the Promotion and Protection of Religious and Linguistic Communities (CRL)
11. All State Owned Entities are to be given to the donors and controllers of Ramaphosa.
12. The donors of Ramaphosa ate the R500 billion covid-19 funds.
13. The Oppenheimer criminal family bribed the ANC to give them a private international airport inside the O.R Tambo International Airport, so that they can steal our diamonds easily.
14. Ramaphosa has given his friends power to fire workers at will.
15. Markus Jooste, the biggest fraudster, is not being harrassed by the police because he is white.
16. White farmers kill blacks on farms without consequences to them.
17. Orania, that racist enclave, is protected by the SA Constitution (section 230) which allows whites to have apartheid places but doesn’t allow blacks to have their own organizations.
18. Only 35 000 whites own 80% of the land in SA.
19. Blacks own only 3% and Whites own 97% of the SA economy, 26 years into democracy.
20. The Zondo Commission is a tool of Stellenbosch to punish those blacks who aren’t controlled by WMC.

The list of our truths is long. It won’t help us to complain. That’s why we need to make BLF strong and send it to parliament and to the Local Government to represent blacks for real.

Let’s unite and defeat the devil.

It shall be done!

The devil is a liar!

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.

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