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Prophecy as an instance of existential Black Consciousness

By Andile Mngxitama

From the service last night I have been thinking about the teachings of Prophet Elijah. He reminded us that the prophetic work of ECG is not just predictive (foretelling events) but it’s creative (brings reality into existence). What this means is that a desired realty is prophesized into existence. That’s why one must speak this desired reality. One ought to have a clear vision of that which they wish for. This is where the impossible is made possible.

So when we were all praying and receiving blessings, I was clear in my mind what is it that I wish for. I was clear that I wish for the fall of the enemies of Major 1 who are in Stellenbosch and the return of our land.

I understood this wish to be an active wish which shall be realised by the power of our beliefs if we act on it as already realised. Do you get me? Hey!!!! You!!!! Mxim!!!!

This took me to the lesson I got from the revolutionary peasants and landless of Brazil when I was there visiting the Landless Peoples Movement or the Movemento Sem Terra (MST). They said the revolution makes the impossible possible. They said if there is no door to get out, we break the wall down! They said a movement must move or it gets stagnated and breeds disease instead of healing.

Biko says, God is not in the habit of coming down to solve our problems. We act in accordance with the prophesy as visualized by ourselves, and it’s thus prophesied into existence. Do you hear me???

This kind of prophetic work therefore raises important existential questions. If reality can be prophesied into existence, this propels us to act that reality. As a sociologist, I appreciate the power of this self creative energy that can propel us forward against all odds.

As a Black Consciousness adherent, which is a branch of existentialism, I’m at home with this prophetic energy of ECG.

Kaloku mna ndifundile guys…
I’m moved by the spirit …

Written on 18 December 2020. Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.

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