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I want you to be honest, put yourself in Malema’s shoes…

By Yerushka Chetty

On the one hand millions of lives can be saved from Ivermectin, on the other hand you can potentially make billions of rands from the support of big pharma and powerful individuals like Bill Gates. All you need to do is support vaccines and stay quiet about drugs like Ivermectin.

What is your price? For Julius Malema, maybe it’s funding towards being the next President of SA or shares in white monopoly capital (WMC) owned businesses or just hard cash.

What would you sell your family or community for?

Growing up as a kid under racial capitalism makes many of us weak to bribery or even worse, most of us will do horrible things under the banner of ‘it’s just a day job or my hustle’.

There are individuals who won’t sellout to WMC ..I know only one, #AndileMngxitama. He is our only reminder that we don’t need to fear white people especially the elite.

Malema though, is too afraid.

Yerushka Chetty is in the community development portfolio of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization