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The costs of the Cancel Culture

By Ayanda Tshazi

Cancel culture is anti-black, counter-revolutionary and ONLY destructive. It helps no one. It only creates anti trust and exclusion.

Everyone is cancel-able, which makes us all at risk of losing networks, friends, support systems and community because cancel culture makes us disposable. Who can you trust? How can we make mistakes, learn, grow and be accountable when we are unsafe within any of our interactions?

Ironically, cancel culture destroyed a budding online “radical black feminist” movement which was potentially emerging as an important learning, mobilizing and activism platform. At first, an inner circle emerged that could set targets on who was to be canceled. I received inboxes and private messages from friends who were concerned that I was associating with “canceled” people… Crazy times.

Naturally, the monster started to turn on itself. People were getting canceled for getting into relationships with men, or into interracial relationships or with older / younger / wealthy people. Lol… Wiybo it got messy! The movement canceled itself out before it could take any solid shape in broarder society.

For me, the worst thing about cancel culture is how it kills conversation and therefore thinking, and ultimately progress. You couldn’t ask logical questions or challenge an argument about why someone is being labeled problematic, lest that shifts the target to your own forehead. When we cannot think, question and rethink then we are on the decline.

If we are pursuing black consciousness, raising our awareness to black worthiness, then a culture that excludes, demonises and socially castrates blacks from within the community is not a culture for us. Our values are inclusion, love and growing and fighting together. Cancel culture cancels that out. It makes all of us irredeemable. And it doesn’t work because none of the wealthy evil white men whose sins have devastating consequences for populations and generations get affected by it.

Black love

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