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System of oppression working 24/7 with your mind and emotions to control you

By Andile Mngxitama

It takes the things you love to trap you into oppression . From soccer to song and dance. I see they are doing the same thing with our beloved Mom Noxolo Grootboom. They are turning our love for her into a weapon to shut us up and they are succeeding.

Becuase we love Mom Noxolo so much, we feel it’s impolite to raise these issues of how they are using her name to perpetrate evil. Becuase we want to honor Mom Grootboom we feel any acts of disruption would soil her well deserved celebration and therefore we let the system get away with murder.

I was at a township one night a month ago. The township had experienced loadsheding for two days. It was dark. Then the electricity returned. The whole township as it lit up rose in song and celebration and whistling. The people were drunk with happiness. They were so grateful the electricity they were denied for 2 days was back. They had been kept in the dark about developments so they were anxious and desperate. Then there was light and wow, you should have heard the spontaneous outbreak of joy. I’m sure the councillor was laughing as he toasted, “my people are children!”

I asked how often does the loadsheding happen? “Often”, I was told. That’s when I knew our job is almost impossible. The mental damage is too deep.

You saw the same with the alcohol ban and then when they lifted the ban how greatful the people were. So the system has figured out, since it can’t give you more it must from time to time take that which you already have and then give it back and you will be over the moon and not demand more. You become grateful for what you get given. After all half loaf…

We need to fetch our minds and dignity very fast or accept that we aren’t any better than an animal which is programmed to obey its master through stimulus and response.

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.

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