Judas Iscariot

By Andile Mngxitama

I’m fascinated by the betrayer of Jesus Christ Our Savior. Judas was motivated either by money or the satanic spirit or both to betray our Lord. He was one of the original disciples and one of the most trusted. The first lesson is you are most likely to be betrayed by the one closest to you.

The main lesson I take from Judas is how he deals with his act of betrayal. Unlike white people who arrived here in 1652, stole our land, made us slaves, kept us in arid villages and overcrowded like sardines in townships, excluded us up to this day from our economy, Judas is troubled by his actions. He doesn’t try to find justifications. In some scriptures he is so moved by guilt and shame he returns the 30 pieces of silver. He shows remorse. These are exactly the qualities completely missing from white people who continue to keep our land and wealth.

In comparing the white betrayal of blacks with the actions of Judas, there is little doubt that Judas comes out as a better person. Whites who arrived here in 1652 are worse than Judas.

There is also the Greek mythology I link to these acts of contrition after wrong doing, even if not intentional: the story of Oedipus from which we have the Oedipus complex. Basically, when Oedipus realized that he had slept with his own mother and murdered his father he banished himself out of the City and gouged his own eyes out. It mattered not that he was not aware of his transgressions but upon realizing them he takes action to punish himself severely.

The modern Judases who marched hand in hand with white monopoly capital against President Zuma have no sense of remorse at all. They are not ashamed that they took the votes of blacks and gave them to land thieves to strengthen the enemy of black people. They are not ashamed that they openly asked money from Johann Rupert to fight President Zuma. They are not ashamed that they had an hand in removing all the progressive black managers in the SOEs. Today all these entities are white controlled because of this betrayal.

Like Judas they even go and have tea with President Zuma to ask him to go to be crucified by the hateful Zondo Commission. Unlike Judas their father they are shameless and remorseless.

These modern Judases who betray the black liberation ideals are worse than the original Judas who upon seeing his actions was so filled with guilt and shame that he hanged himself after returning the 30 pieces of silver.

On Easter as we look at the cross, as we carry the cross with Jesus, mocked and whipped, as we go to the worst position of despair and abandonment, for even the Son of God on the cross asks eloyi eloyi Lama Sabachthani…

We are strengthened in the knowledge of resurrection, we know this too shall pass…

As we go deep into meditation, I wish to ask us to look at the lesson of Judas the sellout and look at the Judases of today. Judas Iscariot paid for his sins. He took action. However, the Judases that have betrayed blacks and continue to do so, have none of the qualities that makes forgiveness possible. They seem proud to betray.

Look out for the Judases of today. They are worse than the original Judas. Learn to identify these Judases and deal with them accordingly for unlike Judas Iscariot they have no capacity to repent. They will sell out again and again…

Brethren and sisters, stay strong in faith.

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.

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