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7 days Facebook jail for naming land thieves: it was not the Bible

By Andile Mngxitama

I’m currently in Facebook jail for seven days for naming who stole our land. Around Easter/Passover the anti Christ woke mob was all over again with its usual undergraduate attacks on the Christian faith under the pretext of “decolonisation”. These are the people who have not heard the name James Cone nor had any acquaintance with Black Theology or Liberation Theology. Worse they have no grasp of the basics of textual verses nor contextual reading of the scriptures. They are bamboozled by sophists with inane questions. But most annoying, they constantly deflect attention away from the real problem which is white supremacy representing real existing white bodies who are direct beneficiaries of the original sin which is land theft.

Annoyed by these wokes of Wikipedia, who when faced with a real existing land thief choose to burn energy fighting the Bible and Christianity, I made a direct intervention cutting through all the befuddling decolonial debris that obsesses with belittling black Christians. This is their preoccupation as if the Bible stole their land.

I made a status update to force our collective outrage to the real problem which is land thieves who still have our land. I have over time made the case for how a revolutionary interpretation of the Christian ethic is available and has in fact helped to fight from slavery through to colonialism and today global white power.

People who don’t care to know what drove Harriet Tubman, Sojourner Truth, Nat Turner, Marcus Garvey, Robert Sobukwe, Steve Biko, Martin Luther King Jr, the Mau Mau just to name a few, present themselves as revolutionaries by virtue of a few memes and a sophistry from egotistical individuals with a God complex. It’s hilarious, but there are individuals who have been excommunicated who are now competing with Jesus. It’s annoying.

Some of these sophists have been asking pseudo questions based on an underdeveloped theoretical basis, questions like the changing dates of the Passover and the number of days between crucifixion and resurrection. Whilst there are perfectly logical explanations for these seeming contradictions, it’s plain stupid to pose questions of textual consistency, and mathematical logic to matters of faith and theology.

Only the untrained would ask about dates and the number of days to a faith based reality driven precisely by the reality of miracles. Evaluation of the religious is not a matter of historical accuracy and textual consistency. It’s more a question of interpretation. Even Constantine understood this.

The problem of South Africa is the problem of bad education and therefore any charlatan who simulates something akin to knowledge is considered a mind blowing revelation.

The irony of the Facebook jail is that it shows how when you sidestep the deflection of Bible bashing and point to the real source of Black agony you get censored by white power. It’s acceptable to say that the Bible and Christianity are the enemies of Black people, but it’s not acceptable to say the historical fact and the more exacting truth which places white people at the center of land theft. It’s ok to blame a book and a faith but not real existing people who stole the land and wealth. This is a revealing event which shows de facto the Bible bashers are in service of white power despite their protestations to the contrary. Mark Zuckerberg, as the representation of what’s acceptable or tolerable to white power, shows by this banning order that white power is ok with the so called decolonisation of Christianity driven by these shallow uninformed attacks but would not tolerate any reading of the gospel that directly unmasks white power.

This whole thing of hating on the Bible and Christianity is a little bit like those who annoyed Sobukwe about hating oppression but not the oppressor thereby promoting his response that you can’t hate the sjambok and not the one who wields it.

To be sure, the Bible and Christianity have been distorted and used by slave owners and colonizers to justify their evil deeds. However, the oppressed have equally found in both the Bible and Christianity the tools to fight for freedom. Only cowards refuse to pick up the tools of liberation imbedded in the scriptures. There are enough historical examples of this. Also revolutionary thinkers like Biko have helped to systematise the application of the Christian idiom to make plain the tools of liberation within it.

It’s a known fact that the West steals everything from us and finds ways to justify their theft. The thieving didn’t start with land, it started with our knowledge systems and our spiritual and religious teachings and symbols. Correctly construed they have nothing, Christianity included. We must not surrender our inventions because evil people stole and distorted them.

The new adage seems to be it’s ok to bash the Bible and Christianity so long as you don’t point to the real and existing truth about white transgressions against blacks. This truth must drive us to avoid the traps of pseudo critique by developing a schema of assessment that is based on the framework that is able to expose the distance between what is professed and the impact. For instance, if the notion of decolonisation yields in reality avoidance of the fight against the colonizers, then you are busy with self deception and cowardice. We have now reached the plateau of cowardice clad in decolonial garb. This schema I’m proposing is now urgent.

If your struggle and postulations sit comfortably with the enemy, it’s time to rethink your struggle. The job of revolutionary theory is not to shield the enemy and divert attention from the real battle. The job of a liberating philosophy is to organise for confrontation with the enemy by revealing its modalities of legitimation. Today radical rhetoric is part of the modality of concealing the enemy. The truth is straight forward, no Bible stole our land. It’s the evil anti Christ Jan Van Riebeeck who stole our land. And this is the truth that white power can’t tolerate today. And it’s the truth we must dare to speak!

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization.

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