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Russia’s national security threatened by Ukraine’s intimacy with NATO

Image: Russian President Vladimir Putin

By BO Staff Writer

The deadlock between Ukraine and Russia stems from Russia’s efforts to stop Ukraine from joining NATO as this threatens its sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Ukraine is located in a key strategic position. It sits geographically in the middle of the battle between western dominance and the Brics stronghold Russia, right in the centre of the fight for influence over the European region. Moscow is hellbent on stopping Ukraine from looking West. It cannot allow Kyiv to join NATO – if that happens it will lose its influence over Ukraine to prevent the erosion of the sovereignty of both countries. Russia’s national security is violated by Ukraine’s intimacy with NATO. This is why Russia intends to veto the membership of Ukraine in NATO.

Both Russia and Ukraine were members of the Soviet Union before it ended in 1991 and Ukraine declared it was independent.

In 2014 Ukraine went through heavy political instability sponsored by Europe against the Ukrainian pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych. The situation had forced Yanukovych to go into exile.

President Putin stepped in and attained advantage via a referendum over the strategically located Crimean Peninsula in the south of Ukraine, which is the gateway to the Black Sea. The US- EU block has since responded with all kinds of sanctions against Russia to reel it into its stranglehold.

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