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The defeat of the Guptas set back RET

By Andile Mngxitama

Many who are victims of white monopoly capital propaganda or STRATCOM are convinced Zuma is corrupt and the Guptas are bad. That’s the victory of Stellenbosch in Winning the Hearts and Minds (WHAM!).
The Guptas were ok untill they decided to take white monopoly capital on. They wanted more than the crumbs white monopoly capital was willing to give. They needed political cover to advance their agenda. The interests of the Guptas depended on the expansion and redistribution of the ecomomic cake to blacks. If they wanted in then the momopoly over the economy by white capital had to end.
The Guptas couldn’t make any serious entry into the economy if blacks in general remained outside. The economic fortumes of the Guptas depended primarily on the defeat of Stellenbosch. Therefore, their support of radical economic transformation (RET) was based on self interest but it opened the space for serious economic empowerment of blacks in general.
According to the late Marxist thinker Oupa wa Lehulere the Guptas were the organising agents of the “redistribution policy” of RET. He also understood that the interests of the Guptas were not at variance with the general interests of blacks. Indeed their interests were codetermined with black interests.
There is no doubt that the Guptas understood propaganda warfare. At the advice of President Zuma they started an alternative forum, the powerfull ANN7. This move is what I have called Zuma’s parallel political praxis strategy. Since the SABC together with ENCA was captured by Stellenbosch, Zuma wanted another forum which would push an alternative agenda. The Guptas understood Zuma’s logic, hence ANN7.
The response of Stellenbosch was swift. Zuma had to go. London also got a fright hence sponsoring the Zuma must go campaign. This was confirmed by Malema’s handler, Robin Renwick.
Zuma and the Gupta family represented a real danger to white monopoly capital and imperialism. That’s why imperialism invested R1 billion to buy the NASREC conference. NASREC was the likely Waterloo of Stellenbosch. Well money won, Zuma was deposed, the Guptas fled and RET is in disarray. It’s almost impossible for RET to progress strategically and logistically without the intellectual and resource mobilsation of the Guptas.
The next ANC conference is going to be plain sailing for Ramaphosa unless the delegates take the money but vote RET, a very unlikely scenario given the moral corruption of the ANC membership.
The whites have won for now.

Andile Mngxitama is the President of Black First Land First (BLF), a radical black consciousness organization. When using any of Black Opinion’s content, partly or in full, kindly always provide an active hyperlink to the original material.