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Vandana Shiva on the Real Cause of World Hunger

Image: Vandana Shiva

BO Staff Writer

Vandana Shiva, the revolutionary leader, physicist and organic farmer, cautions that “intensive chemical farming” causes global hunger and converts biodiverse land into monocultures which in turn are not economically sustainable for farmers and does not respond to the nutritional needs for local consumption. In a 2009 interview she starts her meditation like this:

“I think the first thing to recognize about hunger, is that today, it’s a rural phenomena, it’s mainly in third world countries it’s mainly among communities that are actually agricultural communities. So why are people who are growing food going hungry themselves, they’re going hungry, because everything they have grown has to be sold in order to pay for the costly seeds and the costly chemicals. So a high cost chemical intensive agriculture is a recipe for hunger …”

Watch the full interview here:

Real Cause of World Hunger