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Stellenbosch dictates pro white ideology of journalism

Andile Mngxitama

“Above all be a fucken socialist and fast”, so said the facilitator at our journalism orientation workshop in closing. What a powerfull input. We gave him a standing ovation. Rapule Tabane was there at Wits newspaper. I think the guy was a cartoonist for M&G. I was very pleased. Journalism is not ideologically neutral.

Today the hegemonic ideology of the press is pro white as per the dictates of the ruling class whch is the Stellenbosch mafia. But the ideology is so pervasive even the state broadcaster follows the white agenda. Black radio is the most slavish. It follows the ruling class agenda blatantly.

Wonder if there are any socialist journalists in the newsroom. Facts are read from a particular ideological slant. The truth is not neutral! it’s constructed from a perspective. The current dominant perspective is pro white.

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