I Support To BO

You guys are hitting it on the head. Thank you and keep it up. One request and advice though, please do not partake in the succession battles of our movement.  If you so you will loose credibility very fast. Otherwise thumbs up your intervention is long overdue, I support you

Response 8 – Coup in SA

I agree that there are people behind this calls for Guptas to go and president Zuma to resign. The business corporate especially the West want to destabilise the BRICS as it is going to launch the bank.The BRICKS bank is pausing a threat to IMF and World Bank.Its high time that those who are behind …

Interesting Read

Dear editorial team.   Firstly allow me to congratulate you for the attempt and courage in establishing a media platform in this very one sided industry.   I fully concur with you that indeed a plurality of views is required in this age of democracy from a diverse media, it’s disappointing to notice the level …

BO Fact or Fiction

Good day editor I find BO informing and interesting to read.‎ However it seem as if BO is all about the opinions not well researched facts. I welcome the initiative and hope it will grow to become a media of influence among the blacks. Sello Mokhoka